Friday, May 30, 2008

Care of Magical Creatures

Well, my favorite magical creature is a crup, but that is because my parents got me a Crup for a pet when I was 6. I had wanted one since I can remember. My father taught a class for people who wanted to own crups and I went whenever I could. I would play that I was my brother's pet crup, crawling on the floor and chasing gnomes. I even passed the certification when I was so the crup was actually mine. I called him Whippersnapper. Whippie for short. He was a doll. I was my best friend (is really, he just lives with my mom while I am away at Hogwarts.) We played outside and everything. We adopted him from a family who was abusing him. They never removed his second tail, so we couldn't take him off the property, but we had a large enough place that we still had plenty to do.

Speaking of gnomes, my mom once got this invitation from the Wealseys to help them degnome one summer. My mom let me go with Whippie. We had a great time.

Oh, and these are the two books that I have for this class. I already read most of them. This is definately one of my favorite classes.
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Monster Book of Monsters

Harry Potter Personality

Pirate Monkey's Harry Potter Personality Quiz
Harry Potter Personality Quiz
by Pirate Monkeys Inc.

Found this quiz on my Duel Partners blog, Ursula Longbottom. She is very nice and we had a fun time chatting as we panicked when the pattern wasn't up at 5:30!

Speaking of the duel, Madame Pomfrey did such a kind job getting my wisdom teeth out that I was able to complete and ship my hat yesterday. I never did get the gauge quite right, but I just had to do one extra repeat of the cable and it turned out fine. I am a little more sore today as I tried to eat pancakes this morning in the Great Hall, but yesterday I had a thermos of soup and just hung around the grounds outside of Hogwarts napping and knitting. It was marvelous!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Quidditch Round 1

1. Which of Arabella Figg's cats ran out from under the car?

a. Tibbles

2. Which of the following is NOT one of Albus Dumbledore's middle names?

a. Ignatius

3. Which educational decree introduced a High Inquisitor to Hogwarts?

d. 23

4. Apart from Harry, Ron and Hermione, who was the first person to enter the Hog's Head that showed an interest in Harry's Defence Against the Dark Arts classes?

b. Neville Longbottom

5. In the first Quidditch match of the year which player attempted to score first?

a. Angelina Johnson

6. What kind of bush does Harry hide behind to listen to the news?

b. A hydrangea bush

7. Why is Mundungus Fletcher disguised as a woman when he witnesses the DA (Dumbledore's Army) meeting in the Hog's Head pub?

b. He was banned from the Hog’s Head pub 20 years ago.

8. When Harry and Cho go on their first date to Madam Puddifoot's in Hogsmeade, what is it decorated with for Valentine's Day?

c. Golden cherubs and pink confetti

9. How old is Sturgis Podmore and where does he live?

a. 38 and number 2 Laburnum Gardens Clapham

10. What did Fred and George Weasley do to Montague?

a. Forced him head-first into a Vanishing Cabinet on the first floor.

Picture Scavenger Hunt
Fred and George Weasley (Together)
Hog’s Head Pub
Sirius Black
Mr. Weasley & Harry (Together)
Draco Malfoy

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Well, as annoying as she finds it, I am a bit jealous of Emma Scrimgeour. Her hair looks goregous. The french braids look amazing, but I bet her roommates had sore arms after all that. She looks like she has crazy house spirit. It will look great while we play Quidditch. Can you even imagine all that hair flowing behind her in gorgeous ripples. Jealous! Though I am sure at this point she is getting a headache.

Speaking of sore arms, I stepped on Allitraya's hair brush on Monday and got three puncture wounds in the bottom of my foot. Ouch. She helped me down to Madame Pomfrey's who took care of everything, but left me feeling more than a little sick to my stomach. I had to skip my last class yesterday and go lay in bed for the rest of the night. I am feeling a bit better today, but my foot is still sore (which is awful since I have to walk all over Hogwarts) so I am walking on my tip toe.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Ravenclaw House Quiz 1

These are my favorite kinds of quizzes. I figured it out earlier, but I was waiting to see if other people were just typing out the answer or filling it in on the image.

"Can you keep a secret (secrit)? The headquarters for The Order of the Phoenix is at No. 12 Grimmauld Place."

The first letter I got was A. And what I thought was N actually turned out to be T.

Glad to see Agatha V had the same question as me, though.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


My roomies this quarter are Allitrya Spelling and Emma Lovegoods. This will be an interesting quarter, I think.

Allitrya is very chatty and Emma has been quiet so far. I love listening to people talk while I knit, though, so this could be perfect. Allitraya is studying to be an auror, which is admirable. Her grandmother gave her a beautiful copy of Hogwarts, a History. She has interesting ideas on muggles and I have a blast listening to her talk away. Since both my parents are from wizarding families and my mother is a little over-protective (don't worry, I got a pretty good anti-mother charm on this blog) so I have never really had much muggle interaction. Just accidental and unavoidable.

other dormies

[Huh... I found this unposted from a long time ago. So here it is now...]

I have been sneakily listening to my dormies to get to know them. I am never sure what to say to people, so I just like to listen. The canary is useful in this endeavour because she can get places I can't to hear things. I just hate not knowing things! Here are something things I found out.

Agatha Ackerly's cousin is in Hufflepuff. It is pretty darn cute to see them say hi in the halls because they do their hair the same! Her roommate Miranda is looking for a counter spell to being unable to knit. I am pretty sure my mother has this spell, if only I can get her to share it. Maybe if I tell her about Miranda's parents, she would feel bad that she doesn't have her parents or her ability to knit. I don't know, though, she is pretty touchy about me sharing her knitting spells. She recalled the notes I took when I started to post them to my blog last quarter so I couldn't finish talking about them. Got a huge howler that I didn't open and it exploded and almost killed her owl (I never even took it from him...) I am dying for her to find out about her other roommate, Emma's, last name. I bet that story could be good.

The canary overheard the other Agatha (Vablatsky) talking about her horrible transfiguration mishap! And now she is having horrible allergies! You can really tell because her poor nose is so red and raw it matches her bloodshot eyes.

Cecelia Kettleburn has brought up a good question. What animal is the best to bring? Well, the owl is most useful, but there is a whole owlery at your disposal here. The cat, I am biased with my love of dogs, doesn't seem useful to knitters to me because my mother's jerk of a cat is always chasing my balls of yarn around the house. Very annoying. She wants me to figure out the spell to automatically rewind the ball on my own. Blerg I say to that. I have an owl because that is the only animal my mother would let me bring. She wants me to send her a letter every day, but I talked her down to once a week. Phew!


As a repost for this new quarter, here is a link to my bio from last quarter. We celebrated Xantian's birthday and my birthday over the break. We both dyed each other matching yarn for our birthday's! I taught him how to muggle knit. He finally gave in after he saw that it was a good way to relax. Maybe one day he will just be Xantian instead of Xantian the insane. I knit a ton of socks and that is how I got Xan to start up.

I also talked to Madame Pomfrey and on May 29th, she is giving me a draught to remove my wisdom teeth but leaving my my wisdom (I would like to remain in Ravenclaw....) I am nervous. It has such a different effect on everyone. Some people are fine after two days. Other people are laid out for weeks. But I would rather Madame Pomfrey get them out that some crazy muggle oral surgeon with those metal instruments and gases.

For my classes this quarter, I am taking the regular first year classes as well as Ancient Runes, and Care of Magical Creatures. I am really excited. These classes sound like so much fun. Cecilia Kettleburn is in my Ancient Runes class, so maybe we can study together.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

New Quarter

I am back for the new quarter and so excited. The classes are fun, the people are great. I am really looking forward to it.
Over the break, I learned a bit more about my little yellow canary friend. I let it pick out some food from what was left of my potions kit. I kind of spilled it, so I am not sure what it ate, but it did become less ephemeral. I better go unpack. The bird made me bring it a little bed this time, since last quarter she just slept on top of the canopy over my bed. So demanding.