Monday, July 14, 2008


Like it, even love it, is not a strong enough phrase for my feelings on the lovely kit from Selena. I am overwhelmed by it. I am dying to start the socks, but I have promised myself I will finish a project before starting another. (I have a serious WIP problem... I shall soon be overrun.) If I don't finish some of these projects, I will not have enough room in my trunk to bring everything home, even with a bunch of well placed reducio charms.

I have about 14 inches of the head wrap done for the hufflepuff KAL. I plan to work on it as much as I can tonight. I guess I have to finish it between tonight and tomorrow. Maybe I will just kit as far as I can until tomorrow night when I have to go to bed and then Cast off. Me and my silly procrastination. The color changes are really screwing with me because I hate weaving in ends (and am horrible at it!!), but now that I have that cute little bird bag from Selena with the Clover Cutter and the large-eye blunt needles in it, it is not as bad. Plus I can use the point protectors to hold the stitches on while I fiddle with the colors. Only had one mishap, but this pattern is a little hard to rip back with the st going over other st.

And I am so so so excited to start that adorable squid. The colors Selena gave me are great. But I have to finish a pattern!! I should be able to cast on a sock or a squi by Thursday night.

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