Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Head Wrap Complete!

The head wrap for the Hufflepuff-hosted KAL is complete. I will post the pic as soon as I get it an a computer (Silly slow muggle way of doing things). I am wearing it today. Go Ravenclaw! It is shorter than the pattern calls for, but I think it is great. Just long enough for the ends to poke out under my (short) hair. It was finished (dry from blocking) this morning when I got up for class. I think it turned out great. The pattern was annoying, but I think it would have been a lot less annoying (and actually really fun) if I didn't switch colors so much. Next time I will find a good verigated yarn intead of switching between balls like I did. Plus bamboo is so slippery, I had to rewind the balls part of the way through because they had turned into two giants knots. Even a couple of spells didn't work. I tried Solvo Epistola, but that didn't even work (untie a mess). I had to do it by hand in the end. I think the spells really just made it worse. Scourgify just made the yarn cleaner. A bunch of dust and dog hair flew out, but that was it.

[Added later]

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Laura said...

That is awesome! If you lived in the Midwest, you'd be stalked by University of Illinois fans. I don't know if I'm inspired to try a two-colored wrap, or afraid.