Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Package for another Ophelia

My spoilee was Ophelia Crookshanks of Hufflepuff. And here is her package.

Here is the start of the package. A sewn bag that I painted (and sewed). The snake goes all the way around. Lantern Moon needles in a pink bag (because it was close to red and the blue didn't come in the size I wanted to get her). An adorable sheep tape measure. Snitch stickers. Stickers for scrap booking (she likes to scrap book). A kit to make a lizard. Lorna's Lace in Pine and Pewter. Slything tea cozy with an S snake on one side and the word Slytherin on the other side (I knit it on the day when I was recooperating from getting my wisdom teeth out). Some Twinings Irish Breakfast tea (both our favorite hot tea) and a tiny single serving of English Breakfast. Clotted Cream for her tea.

A printed copy of a hand-drawn picture of Kreacher. (When I asked, she said Kreacher (joke?) and Harry were her favorite characters so I drew them for her, but the Harry Potter picture turned out awful.) A needle felted Slytherin patch.

The pattern for Cookie A's Red Thread socks (so cute!). A blue and red note pad. (Her favorite colors are blue and red)

I asked if she likes bacon, but she only likes turkey bacon. (I have not had a chance to try that yet). But I made her a bacon bracelet (needle felted) that looks like this one (which is actually mine).

There may have been some other stuff, but I honestly don't remember!! Enjoy, my 'Puff friend Ophelia.


knitting by kaae eller bare Charlotte said...

That slytherin bag is so cool, all the other stuff is also wery nice, but the bag - I love it... :)

Anonymous said...

congrats on your kit getting 1st place on the kit awards!

CentyB said...

Wow - what a great kit ... congrats on taking first place!