Thursday, July 10, 2008

Package is here!

I didn't think a package this awesome was possible. (Good thing I sent mine before I opened this or the inferiority complex may have been too overwhelming.) A wonderful kit from Selena Starfire. Amazing job. First, the box:

First hilarious thing I pulled out was a pig nose! With the following note:
Just in case you want to see what it's like to be an animagus!

Next I opened pulled out an adorable bag from Harry and Merry. It has a rain cloud and a sheep and it is light blue and yellow! I love it! Adorable. But I forgot to get a picture. It is pictured at the end, though.
Then I pulled out a River Knits Fine Yarns bag. It is a small bright yellow zippered bag with a big yellow bag inside.

Mini note cards with an adorable snail:

The funniest journal with the following note over top of it:
This is the most amazing example of Transfiguration I've ever seen!
And I agree. It is "The Great Elephant Poo Poo Paper Journal!!! 100 % receycled and odorless paper products made from elephant poo. How awesome is that! I laughed my head off. I laughed so hard, I forgot to get a picture, but it is in the final picture.

Got me some glowing connector bracelets.

Some Ginger Mints.

A cool foldy metal thing that I used to have when I was in highschool and I loved it and now I have it again!! Forgot to get a pic...

Here is the coolest bag ever.

I can't get a good picture of it because it is so crazy. There is a big part with a whole bunch of little legs coming off of it and another little bag coming out the top.
In one of the legs, I found this finger:

Then I tried to eat it:

But it is a pen.
Later I found a dragon necklace in another one of the legs!!
It also had some wonderful Trekking XXL yarn

And crystal bamboo US 1 dpns.
In the little pouch, I found this adorable bird bag

With AWESOME notions!! point protectors, large-eye blunt needles and one of those clover cutting things!! I have been meaning to get the needles and I have been wanting to get the other two.

Seriously, I am not done yet. I also got candy. A chocolate bar (my fave brand) with the note:
This is a great Muggle invention for helping you stay awake to do homework.
Endangered species brand chocolate - 70% cocoa dark chocolate with espresso beans!! Yummy yum. I usually get the 88% dark chocolate, but I might switch to this. Divine.
And a a beautiful Honeydukes box

With Candy in it - Jelly Slugs (which are gone now and replaced with a tummy ache), Bean Boozled (Jelly Belly's answer to Bertie Bott's every flavor beans, which I am saving for my two person Harry Potter party), and a giagantic jaw breaker.

Harry Potter stickers which I have already used to decorate my wonderful Muggle laptop.

3, count 'em, 3 sock patterns in Standard Book of Socks.

A knitting pattern for squids!!

There was also a bunch of other yarn. Some white and some black and a bunch of beautiful burnt orange.
Seriously. And then the whole box was filled with these amazing oragami stars. I am going to try stringing them together to make a garland or something.

My dog Nisa got really interested and came over to check out the commotion.

She got shooed away when she started licking stuff.
Then Ernie came over because Nisa wasn't allowed over here any more.

He was a good boy. And here is the whole shebang. Amazing.

Surprised much!!! I was. Holy cow!! Standing ovation. I would ask for an encore, but no need. My stomache is aching from this one - so much candy!! I am still wearing the nose to see if I want to be an animagus. I took a picture while I was eating with it on, but it looked like I was eating vomit so I left it out. (stroganoff - yum.)

No joke. I forgot this. Earlier in the quarter I got a tiny sock from her. Then in the package I got a tiny sock blocker. And yes they fit together and it is the cutest thing I have ever seen.


Laura said...

I'm so glad you like it!

My dogs do the same thing - they stick their noses in everything, and if I tell one not to do something, the other one assumes that rule doesn't apply to him.

The other yarn should be everything you need for the Squid. The pattern designer also says he'll answer e-mail questions if you're having trouble with it.


Queen Frysia said...

Wow, that's an incredible package! Make sure you nominate it!

Cassandra Puddlemere said...

great package!! i cant wait to see the squid~ and i love the honeydukes box..very clever selena

Emma Wigworthy said...

I love the humour in this!! Excellent package - congratulations!

Esmerelda Beanswallow aka Carma said...

Wow and wow. So much thought and fun in one box.